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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 14, 2020 9:00am-9:31am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin the west defense crisis takes the spotlight is this year's munich security conference nato members have vowed for decades now to defend vulnerable allies but as apathy in the alliance replace commitment also coming up families torn apart by the war in syria. going to die in the
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plains a bombing on the army is very close. as the syrian offensive against province intensifies do w. talks with a refugee here in germany who can't get his family out of harm's way. and today marks 15 years since you tube was born we take a look at how far those massive video sharing site has com it all started with an elephant. and in case you forgot it's valentine's day e.w. gives kids a say about it and children from around the world tell us what fills their hearts with have tips. brian thomas great to have you with us for the program today the annual munich security conference kicks off in just a few hours spring together. 35 heads of state and governments now one of their top
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issues the west's role on the international stage and with concerns growing about made o's commitment to its collective defense its biggest member is putting on a show of strength it's. the biggest deployment of u.s. military might to europe in a quarter century is heading this way for nato as defender 20 exercise 20000 american soldiers and 13000 pieces of equipment should give the enemies pause and allies confidence. one or more one way. through showed up real reliable loyal portals within the nato framework but that reinforced military framework risks being undermined by weakness on the political side increasing apathy across the alliance regarding its most fundamental value collective defense what if nato has the weapons but it doesn't have the will
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a recent survey by the pew research center indicates that across 16 nato countries fewer than 40 percent of respondents would want their militaries used to defend the baltic states or poland in case of an attack by russia the munich security conference has coined a new term to describe this kind of ambivalence listening for those wistful about west listening this geopolitics expert shot islam has some advice move on the west has had its wonderful moment it can still matter i think europe still not this definitely but it will have to work in coalitions and and alliances with countries outside the comfort zone so we will have to work with the indias of this would with russia with china with a straight which upin and not just rely on this once very strong transatlantic alliance french president emanuel mccaughan has seized the stage to position himself as a disruptor france has a moment to lead. it can lead in rhetoric it can lead in ideas so it can lead to
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its actions not actually know yet which way it's going to go it is a nuclear country has a seat in the security council they can do therefore what no one else can. and it can do that on behalf of europe. but while the west deals with its identity crisis kremlin tactics are working better than ever warns retired u.s. army general ben hodges causing people to lose confidence and trust in each other in their own institutions in the alliance that's that's where this competition. i think that we have to compete hodges praises the massive defender 20 exercises for making sure the military side is ready waiting for political cohesion to make it come back. to talk about some of these issues i'm joined now by political correspondent and the shah's good morning to you. this conference comes with nato under pressure from within and from without as well against this background is
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there a western leader willing and able to step up and reinvigorate the alliance with purpose and direction well there's definitely someone who's willing to do that we've seen their face going to be able to do is that french president in mandarin might call his tip to be a key player in death conference so last year he had everyone up in arms when he called nato brende head but actually does lead to a rethinking of diplomacy and he says that's actually what he advocates he wants a new military strategic had a very stern warning he say if we can think of europe as a global power it will disappear because it will take a hard knocks so he pushes for europe to become more independent from the united states and he pushes for a new career determined she's also something new he wants you up to work on solidarity mccown isms in a better way he wants he simply wants more assertiveness. for you ok in our report
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we heard one analyst saying the west has had its moment that it's over for the west basically it's that exactly the type of messaging that russia is deploying to undermine the west to undermine its alliances it is but i also think it's a pragmatic to acknowledge that as much as we in the western world would like to believe that our common values that or a market models culture unites us and our shared these has been challenged over the last is by the rise of nationalism by to rise of populism on the one side and on the other side all of a to weld to have been protests both in democratic and also retire in regimes of protest against current politics against climate change against civilian states so the authority of the west is contested and also it's institutions such as nato such as the un conference chairman of the munich security conference. is very aware of it of it and maybe we could listen to what he has to say about the
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collapse of the of the western world as we know it's. crazy. we have more crises on our hands more horrendous events than you can possibly imagine. and that's i think about the current failures in my opinion and forgivable it is the international community with regard to syria especially an adlib. when i think about the resolutions of the berlin libya conference that were never acted upon it makes me sick. that is a very strong statement from both going is you or will this conference be taking up the issue of the fighting and the refugee crisis in syria and province well especially after such a strong. statement people at the conference was simply not be able to turn a blind eye on syria and germany for example called for a save zone in syria and even in iran micro say duct failure to intervene in syria
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much earlier was the 1st stage of the collapse of the western block ok nato syria what are the other pressing issues that this conference is going to take up over the next 3 days well china will be on everyone's mind it has become a huge military power and not least huge diplomatic power as well not least because it is a key factor in the relationship between the u.s. and north korea another major theme of course would be chinese telecoms and the issues we've always 5 g.'s expansion in the world whether or not it poses cyber security threats of course other issues would be discuss such as the iran crisis is the tensions was a us came to a boiling point over the last month afghanistan real so be discussed but we probably it's quite unlikely that there would be any deescalation all of those conflicts it would be a place to take the temperature ok very important forum for taking that temperature emma thanks very very much for coming in this morning thank you. as we've been
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discussing syria will be on the agenda with the syrian government's offensive and little problems leading to an ever greater number of refugees people are trying to get out of bright now they're heading for the nearby turkish border the u.n. says 140000 people of fled their homes in the last 3 days alone germany is already home to hundreds of thousands of syrians who've fled the conflict over the last 9 years now those with family members stuck right now in the worst zone feel powerless to protect. checks the news from syria on social media all the time where did the latest bomb fall who or what was hit while he's in safety here in germany the rest of his family are in mortal danger and it lip. he is desperately worried. for. drink i think of my
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children do they have anything to eat do they have a warm blanket or. his sons mohammad and 9 and 10 years old he had to leave them with their grandparents and he thought it too dangerous to flee with them if the internet is working he calls them several times a day. what's going on. it's cold the bombing and the plane crashed we were where we were. very narrow a village get us out of here. come and get us. well i want to but i can't we need to get passports for you and lots of other things i can bring you over here. we're going to die the planes are bombing us the army is very close.
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the only adult member of the family lets us show his face. people are suffering especially the refugees it's chaos i don't know whether i'm coming or going. everybody is heading north camping in the olive groves sleeping in the open unprotected even though it's bitterly cold. the united nations estimates that more than $700000.00 people from into profits have left their homes many are heading towards turkey but they're not being allowed in the refugee camps overcrowded it's freezing and there's a lack of drinking water and food there is no boy for them because most of their towns and cities are being bombed out and they are facing is that humanitarian situation this is why an immediate cease fire and it's why is the obvious solution going forward. but there's no sign of that and the fighting continuous. would
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do anything he could to rescue his children from danger but he can't all he can do is follow events from berlin. nobody notices people see me and think i'm doing fine but inside i die a 1000 deaths every day and my heart goes out to my children and to all the other children. ok let's go straight to the where those children are located in all cell know from the civil defense group white helmets omar thanks so much for coming in this morning what can you tell us about how the increase in fighting is affecting the situation for civilians where you are hi and thank you for having me. we don't just moment in our life that was the tradition that we have seen get us through what we know that this war the earth is rich and dark is good
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that's terrific have been repeatedly used in this city in crisis but. its allies. 1000000000 and suffering on the civilian every day so every day is one of them before things that i wanted my i want. the doctors moment this is not that it has. been of mumbai. and. it backs civilians infrastructure hospitals and marketplaces and everything was a thought that even white elements of this blunder and the kill care but during the last 2 months we are talking about i thought i wasn't killed brimstone that he jima right now started with friends from. ok i'm afraid i'm going to have any
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more countryside i'm afraid we have to leave it there we're having some problems with the video line we'll see if we can get that up later in this program or perhaps later today thanks very much for now amar also know from the white helmand . province for joining us. let's get you briefed now on some of the other stories making the news this hour a syrian military monitoring group says at least 7 people have died in an apparent israeli missile attack near damascus syrian state television said that the rockets were launched from israeli occupied golan heights israel does not usually comment on attacks inside syria. china says 6 health workers have died from the new coronavirus with more than 1700 medical staff infected this comes as the country announced more new cases in a single day than ever before adding another 5000 infected father's death toll has
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risen to nearly 1400. some 10000 people joined together in dresden germany to form a human chain in commemoration of the destruction of that city during world war 2 british and american incendiary bombs killed some 25000 people in an air raid 75 years ago. well today marks 15 years since you tube was born that internet giant was set up by 3 former colleagues a pay pal to give people a place to share their clips online a decade and a half later accounts over $1500000000.00 monthly users and netted some $15000000000.00 in ad revenues last year alone let's take a look now at how it all began. here are.
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very 1st video could scarcely have been simpler during his trip to the zoo co-founder jahvid karim had no idea what his primitive creation would become just a year later he and his friends chad hurley and steve chen would be striking the deal of a lifetime where they think you today we have. been acquired by google thanks bonaire less than $1650000000.00 since being bought by the world's most visited web site you tube itself has become the world's 2nd most visited web site. and it's not just joffe it's chad and steve who it's made rich has created our own unique brand of celebrity the most successful you chivas such as hyperactive sweet purity pie make in excess of $10000000.00 a year. over the past 15 years has
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become more than just somewhere to share videos branching out into music and subscription services and you have a 70 languages now you choose country using $15000000000.00 a year in ad revenue to owners google alphabet if you told the founders if that would be the case back in early days they might well have nothing to defeat you. well from good of you business we have in the studio she is intimately acquainted with you tube you started your own channel didn't you back in 2007 to date you. was a change since that what was it like back in 2007 well it was those were the doctor is just getting there was basically a quiet interesting place to need just were just in their bedrooms talking to their crappy cameras about just the most mondays and stuff it was not about production value it was not about product placement it was not about ad revenue at all and if
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you look at the numbers now it's as you said 15000000000 and i revenues in 2019 it has changed insane it's become very professional has also changed the way we watch video hasn't done you think it's poised to replace this medium t.v. for good well for me i've never really owned a t.v. i've never watched t.v. i grew up on you tube i'm 28 meaning all the other people who are younger than me it must be the same for them or similar and there are a lot of prognosis but i think one of the likely ones is that on them on video platforms not only you tube but also netflix and amazon prime they are going to be the be all and end all of the content at least everything except news or breaking news what we're doing here maybe will be replaced by you tube in i don't know 5 years 10 years that's where you go that quickly i do think so i mean breaking news
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still has a very important place here for t.v. but other content other on demand video i think for the young generation it's definitely going towards on the mob ok there's also a lot of controversies there especially about the role of of algorithms and as we've been talking about the increased commercialization of you tube. yes definitely the creators the top creative space a. glee who are everything for you they have been. complaining about the fact that you basically has been so commercialized for the past 56 years and at the same time there also has been a controversy that has also hit facebook or twitter which is about what is free speech there's been a lot of misinformation on you tube has been a lot of basically filter bubbles forming because the top thing for you tube basically is engagement what they want is comments like and if you basically feed into that misinformation or hate speech bubble you get more engagement you get more
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money you know if you had it all over to do over again would you start a you tube site today well actually i'm planning to start. this yeah yeah for the w so it's still good it's still good it's quite a bit late but yes it's still good here thanks so much for coming in from the business this verse today. well dozens of scientists stranded themselves on arctic ice intentionally to measure everything they can about the north poles weather climate in the age of global climate change the german ship along with a russian support vessel hitch themselves to an ice floe that's moving ever so slowly through the region the plan is to stay for a year. they're not far from the north pole and the temperature is as low as 35 degrees below 0 the ice here used to be called eternal but it doesn't
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seem like that anymore this is why they're here the ships and their equipment on the ice prove interesting to the locals. the best it difficult to pick out against the snow. a sniff around a research container. and a careful inspection of a flag. the research is cool at the citadel 2 ships forming a makeshift town tied to an ice floe all of it moving 10 kilometers a day through the long arctic darkness the only light at this time of year comes from search lights on the boat. large cracks keep appearing the ice at 1.5 meters thick then suddenly open water it's unsettling for the scientists in an attempt to understand what's happening they send up weather balloons to gather data from the air and sink instruments into the water to measure currents and temperatures the
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1st measurements here were taken 100 years ago comparisons show alarming changes yeah this is the arctic winter has become between 5 and then the 10 degrees warmer thanks to climate change it's where we can see global warming at its most dramatic and it's very clear are not expedition spring is coming to the north pole shimmers of sunlight can sometimes be seen at the horizon at will and the polar night every couple of weeks the team's a switched out and necessary routine for the biggest ever expedition to the north pole. we have some football now and head of berlin's coach jurgen klinsmann abruptly resigned on tuesday after just 2 months on the job since then the team and its now former coach have taken turns making statements to the media and their relationship appears now to be irreparably damaged. he was supposed to take her to
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berlin to the champions league again clean's man came to the club as a member of the supervisory board and an advisor to the investor laws even tossed who injected over 224000000 euro's into their coffers but then 11 weeks ago klinsmann surprisingly got hired as hertz as new coach as they were mired in the relegation battle the man who won the world cup with germany in 1990 and once coached the usa team was back in the bundesliga but this tuesday came another surprise when klinsmann announced his resignation on facebook. course the way i did it was questionable and open to criticism. i apologize. been tossed to the investor who had brought klinsmann to hair said in a news conference on thursday that what the coach had done was not acceptable professional behavior from an adult.
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i also talked to mr clinton and by phone afterwards. he apologized like he's very sorry and i think he also he grants the decision. i think he was very emotional. klansmen said what he wanted was more power in his own hands and less interference from hair to general manager michel plates. only a little manager was sitting there and making comments on the players. now been tossed has thrown his support behind plates and he ruled out letting klinsmann remain on head to supervisory board or allowing him to have any further involvement with the club. in case you forgot today is valentine's day it's day set aside of course for people to celebrate that special someone in their lives but who says it's only for adults w. decided to ask children around the world what fills their hearts and minds with
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kid out. and made. an emo mare i love you mommy and daddy must be going to the bunny i love my bad. ben it's our need for is good for you. i also love remember it's a film about how when our daddy from your father was a. certain who live in my mother. you know him how the image of me that he may feel and see. owning this much on an x. amount clashing or bashing the kid and his credit going to kick a pedophile. that man and. i need to pay anyone that too badly i truly. cannot actually best quote face. bob fosse. man dead because they hendrix are killing moment with us all of us
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talk i would hear the ha ha why don't. miners will have the boy i bought off. up next global 3000 looks at how easy obscene the livelihoods of some farmers and god are brian thomas for the entire team thanks for the.
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most people are frightened of crocodile smooch. merissa takes his love son. a biologist is one of the world's top crocodile researchers. in belize central america she is campaigning to protect these endangered predators despite people's
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fear and prejudice 3000. dollars for. the firestorms long shot. 75 years ago dresden historical center was decimated in a single night by the allied forces 3 months before the end of world war 2. historians are still debating how the baroque city came to be bombed. analyzing the trust of the dresden legend. 45 minutes long d.w. . closely. listen carefully.
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to see if they choose to dig it. discover who. subscribe to documentary to. welcome the global 3000 crocodiles and nothings of fear according to visit scientists in billy's mission is to protect them from. sustainable clothing.


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